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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Home schooling your child is one of the best decisions that you can make, because when you teach your child she can learn so much more than if you were to send her to a school with 20 other children.
Homeschooling can also be a bit hard if you are not organized and if you don't like tiring new things.What I would like to do is make blog where moms can share ideas on homeschooling.I have been teaching my daughter for two years now and I love it!I also teach a friends daughter who is the same age as my daughter.We have a lot of fun!
Today I want to share with you a craft that we made in class.We made a pizza out of felt.The children Loved it!

To make the felt pizza, you will need:

* Felt: Sheets of beige, white and red
* A writing pen (Air-soluble fabric pen if available)
* Scissors
* A ruler (optional)

With the proper supplies, it's time to get started.

Step # 1
Use a pen to trace an 8-inch-wide circle on the beige felt sheet. Using the scissors, cut along the traced line to make the pizza crust.

Step # 2
Trace a 7-inch-wide circle on the red felt sheet. Cut along the traced line to make the pizza sauce.

Step # 3
Cut small rectangular strips out of the white felt sheet to make shredded mozzarella cheese.

Step # 4
Trace several 1-inch-wide circles on the red felt sheet. Cut along the traced lines to make the pieces of pepperoni.

Step # 5

It's time to put the pizza together!

* Lay down the 8 inch beige circle for the crust.
* Place the 7 inch red circle on top of the beige circle for the pizza sauce.
* Place the small white felt strips on top of the pizza sauce for the mozzarella cheese.
* Place the small red circles on top of the cheese for the pepperoni.
* Enjoy the pie!

Helpful Tips

* Making toppings for your felt pizza is a great way to use your imagination and to make your creation even more delectable. Green peppers, black olives, mushrooms etc... The possibilities are endless!
* To make the circles, simply trace around the outside of any appropriate household item (the bottom of a bowl) or use a circular cardboard or paper cut out.
* Glue or double-sided tape may be used to hold the felt pieces together. Self-adhesive felt is also available in many stores.

* Different types of felt material may be used to make felt food, but acrylic felt is one of the more affordable and widely manufactured types of the fabric.
Let me know how this craft went for you.Thanks and have fun!

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I found this project on another home school site.