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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Factortree, A better way to learn math

I am a BuzzAgent and I received free samples and coupons. They have this offer going now that will help your little ones with math.

A better way to learn math

Every student learns differently — shouldn’t your child be taught math in the way that works best for them? The team at The Factor Tree think so. Which is why their online supplementary math education platform adapts as your child learns, to ensure your pre-K to 6th-grader is always taught in the way that gets the best results.
What makes the Factor Tree so effective?

* Provides the practice and repetition needed for a child to truly master key math skills
* Use a skill-adaptive progression algorithm to pinpoint each child’s true skill level
* Provides parents with helpful reports, metrics and notifications to track their child’s progress
* Combines a state testing-compliant curriculum, world class educational theories and innovative technology to create a better learning tool

Visit to learn more about its distinct approach to education and sign up for your free two-week trial.

This program would make a good learning tool.What I like about it is,that you don't have to add a credit card until after you finished you trail period.

Survays That Pay

I have been doing survey for many years and I really enjoy doing them.The company that I like the most is pay you within two weeks and you don't have to have a minimum payout.The best thing is that they will pay you by PayPal! This site is also a wonderful site where all you have to do is sign in whenever there is a discussion and just reply to it a they will pay you 10.00 every month,with PayPal.They only have a few discussions every month,so it is really very easy.And if you are chosen to participate in focus groups you will get payed more.You won't make a lot of money but its something to do and is fun.
I only join sites that pay you cash because a lot of the ones that pay in points cheat you because you only make 500 points or less but it takes 5000 points or more to cash out! What a rip off!