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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Camping is a Great Way to Have Family Time Together

It is very important to make time to get away with our children every now and again. Day to day life is so busy with work, school, and running the household that we often forget to simply enjoy each others company. The kids grow up way too fast. Don’t let these days slip away. Planning to go away for the weekend allows you to get away from your “to do” list and focus on your family members without any distractions.

The first step in planning a weekend getaway is choosing a location. Keep it simple. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a popular tourist attraction. There are many parks throughout the country where you can find plenty to do without blowing your budget. Book a stay in a cabin, rent an RV, or just pitch a tent. You and the kids will have fun being a part of the natural setting.

While staying in a park, take advantage of all there is to do. Most parks have several hiking and walking trails for all kinds of skill levels. Seeking out the native foliage and wildlife can be a great way to learn while having fun together. Fishing, swimming, and boating are also popular activities in parks that surround lakes or rivers.

Along with exploring the park trails and looking for wildlife, you can bring along some games to play. This is a great way to spend time together and have some fun. Badminton and Bocce Ball are ideal for older kids while cornhole is something all ages can enjoy. You’ll find regulation cornhole boards in your local sporting goods store or online from sites like

After a long day of hiking, playing, and enjoying each others company, you and your family can create a wonderful meal together. Cooking over a fire allows you to include the kids in preparing the meal. Help them make their own hotdogs and burgers while teaching campfire safety. Don’t forget the smores for dessert.

Following these simple tips will allow you to have a successful weekend getaway with your family. You’ll be surprised how much the kids will open up with you when there are no video games, work, or household chores to distract you from each other. You may even find yourselves planning the next trip together during the ride home.