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Monday, February 4, 2013

Let Children Make Mistakes

Many parents believe that mistakes are bad, that mistakes should not be made, and should be hidden, and if  you make mistakes you are a failure. These beliefs can be very damaging to children. Children who are taught that mistakes are bad, when faced with the possibility of making a mistake, may choose to do nothing and don't even try. Children who are very afraid of making mistakes can become frustrated, discouraged and depressed.

  Parents should teach their children that mistakes are opportunities for learning and are a natural part of life. The way to show children that mistakes are okay, is by allowing them to make choices, good and bad and learn from them. We as parents can encourage our children to try again by not yelling and getting angry when they make mistakes. When we yell and scream at our children for making mistakes they will become wary of choices and responsibility. Sharing your mistakes with your children and talking about what you learned from your experience is a great way to teach them about decision making.  So actually when our children make mistakes it's not a bad thing, it's just another opportunity for them to become wiser.