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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Custom Treat Bag

I Found this project on a webs site it has a lot of craft activities for children.

You must print TWO treat bag templates to make one treat bag. You can print two identical templates or make the front and back of the bag different

* something to color with (if using the B&W templates)
* scissors
* glue or tape
* paper (I prefer construction paper as it's a bit sturdier. I just chop it down a bit to fit in my printer).
* OPTIONAL: string, wool or ribbon.


* Print out the template of choice.

* Cut out the template along the outside lines. Cut along the dotted lines (this will be the bag's bottom. Younger kids may need help with this (it can be pre-done prior to coloring).

* You need two large bag templates to make one large bag.

* Place both of the cut out templates before you, face up.

* Glue the template on the right onto the glue tab of the template on the left.

* You should now have one long piece of paper.

* Imagine a line extending up from the dotted lines you cut. Fold along these imaginary lines, fold the GLUE tab and fold up the tabs for the bag's bottom

* Put glue on the glue tab (or tape) and glue it to the inside of the bag.

* Put glue on the tabs for the bags bottom and carefully press together.

* Attach a piece of string, wool or ribbon to make a handle (or cut a piece of construction paper for the handle).
* Crimp the edges of the bag and fold the top over (so it looks like a paper lunch bag)

You can find the templates and diagram here:

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