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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teaching Empathy,BooBoo Bear

This year in school I want to focus on teaching my children social skills, so a lot of my activities will be about that.
This activity will teach empathy for others.
You will need:
toy bear
box of band aids

Put a band aid on the bear ahead of time.At group time bring out booboo bear and tell the children he is very sad because he got hurt.Ask the children how they think he got hurt.(Accept all answers)
"How could you make Booboo Bear feel better?" Let he children role play what they would do to make the bear feel better.Then give each child a band aid.Tell them to open it and put it somewhere on their body.
Let the children make up story about how they got their booboo.Have children demonstrate how they would take care of their friend.
Discuss the different reasons people cry and how to comfort them.Have the children draw pictures of what makes them sad and make a "Sad Book"


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