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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Check Out Itemize

I'm a BuzzAgent and I receive samples in the mail from this company.And I want to tell you about this site called, Itemize it's a personal shopping agent that finds highly relevant, timely sales, deals and private offers based on your individual shopping preferences and history. Working from the shopper's online receipts and other data, the Itemize application learns what a user likes and showcases only the most attractive offers from among hundreds of daily deal and retailer sites. Itemize intelligently selects the best offers and serves users exactly what they want. While Itemize sources and filters thousands of deals and offers every day, each individual user receives a curated set that matches his or her interests.

The key driver behind Itemize is increasing deal fatigue - the profusion of daily email deals, from boutiques and group-discounters alike, which make it increasingly difficult for consumers to quickly and easily find what they like.

Once you have signed up for Itemize encourage your friends to sign up as well. Share with them the deals you've found on Itemize and how easy Itemize tracks and organizes all of your receipts, keeping them for you in one secure location.This site is good if you like to buy name brand products.But It is not for me because I like to shop at walmart and target.

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