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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Children Are Very Perceptive

Children are very perceptive and very intelligent.One can learn things about themselves and others threw children.Its very interesting that we as adults often believe that children don't have feeling because they are little. Some adults often get upset when a child express their opinion or their feelings.A child can often see thing that we as adults overlook.Children are so honest and pure.Which is something I love about children.

One time I was teaching this 3 year child social Skills and we were talking about all the people who loved her.She told me she thought that her mother,father,sister,cousin,and grandmother loved her,but when I asked her if she thought her grandfather loved her she said no because he talked very ugly.

I found it very amazing that she would notice that.This go's to show you that children are not just little people who's voice shouldn't be heard! Our children's feelings and thoughts should Matter very much to us.It should matter as much as an adults feeling!A child who is made to feel that they are important will grow to be a happy person.Children who aren't made to feel that they matter to their parents often grow up to be angry people!


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