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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Importants of Communication

It is very important to communicate with your children. I believe that the reason so many parents have so many problems with their child is because they don't understand the value of talking with their children. Many parents believe that they should do things to their children with out explaining why they are doing what they are doing. They think that because they are the adult they don't have to explain themselves to their children. "Don't ask my why my parents used to say to me. "Just do as you are told"
So many parents tell their children to do thing without telling them why they should or shouldn't do things,so as a result children grow up not understanding their religion and themselves. If a parent tells a child not to tease people but don't explain why, the child will do it again because they don't see any harm in it.
So parents if you want to have a more happy life with your children,communicate with them so that they will understand the how and why of life.You will understand them and they will understand you, themselves, and other people. They will know that they don't have to cry, yell or hit in order to get what they want in life.

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