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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolutions Worksheets

Wow the new year is almost here. Its time for making goals again. I found this article on the web and I thought I would share it with everyone.
It’s tough to keep resolutions, but this can help. The Resolution Worksheet is all about helping you set and keep your goals. Just download it, print one for as many resolutions as you have, and fill it out!

Here’s a explanation of each section on the worksheet.

Goals / Time to accomplish: Write down your goal, and be as specific as possible! Don’t say “exercise more.” Say “be working out three time per week by June.” Don’t say “eat healthier.” Say “feature vegetables in every dinner by February.” Or whatever applies to your goal! Being specific helps you focus on what needs to be done and makes it more attainable. Setting a deadline helps you establish stages to reach your goal.

Monthly goals: Setting a goal each month (or each week, if your resolution will only take a few months) breaks your resolution into manageable steps you can tackle one at a time. Think about your resolution and how you can break it so that you’ll be excited to work toward it.

Strategy: What’s your strategy? Are you starting with small changes and gradually working up to bigger ones? Do you need classes or more prep before you can dive in? How are you prepared to beat any potential frustration? Write how you want to work up to each monthly goal here.

Supplies: What do you need? Better running shorts, more healthy recipes, a how-to book, a new computer program? Write it down, and give yourself a deadline.

: Do you need to call anyone or anyplace to ask about rates, fees, ideas, times, dates, or advice? Write them down here, and give yourself a deadline by which to make the calls.

Resources: Have any great blogs, books, websites, or people who can help you on your journey to attaining your goal? Scour the web if you’re not sure, and write those resources here. Refer to this list often for support and ideas.

Encouragement buddies: There’s nothing like a friend who can encourage you to achieve your goal. Ask a friend if he or she would be willing to occasionally give you some encouragement or a verbal kick to get you in the right direction if you feel yourself entering a slump. Call them freely and ask for that push!

Rewards: If you stick to your monthly goals, you deserve a reward! Is it a new book, a night out, a new accessory? Keep an eye on this box to see what you’re working for (apart from the satisfaction of completing your resolution, that is!), and don’t reward yourself unless you’ve completed the goal.



  1. Great idea! However it is noteworthy that the only resolution I ever kept was to make no more resolutions!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Lol that funny! Thanks for the follow back.