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Friday, December 23, 2011

10 Tips To Stop Your Cold

We all know the common wisdom about colds,rest drink plenty of fluids,and wash your hands. Here are some clinically proven things that you can take and do to reduce the discomfort of your cold.
1.Zinc Gluconate is good because of its antiviral Properties.
2.Licorice tea is good because it sooth your throat and chest.
3.Fenugreek tea helps clear out mucus, reduce respiratory inflammation and ease your cough.
4.Garlic has potent antiviral and antibacterial properties to fight infection.
5.Gargling with warm Salt Water helps a sore throat by flushing out inflamed tissues and mucus.
6.Pomegranate is full of vitamins,antioxidants and zinc which boosts your immune system and aid your body in defending its self.
7.Ginger root made into a tea can settle an upset stomach,ease inflammation,and help you rest.
8.Cayenne Pepper,will help clear up congested sinuses as well as helping circulation to keep the chill away. Just mix a little cayenne pepper powder with lemon and make a tea out of it.

9.Wash Out Your Nasal Passages by using saline solution you can clear out mucus irritants and start breathing easier.
10.Lastly to keep from spreading germs to your self and family you should wash your hands as much as possible so that you will keep the germs out of your body. Stay Healthy moms!

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