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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Survays That Pay

I have been doing survey for many years and I really enjoy doing them.The company that I like the most is pay you within two weeks and you don't have to have a minimum payout.The best thing is that they will pay you by PayPal! This site is also a wonderful site where all you have to do is sign in whenever there is a discussion and just reply to it a they will pay you 10.00 every month,with PayPal.They only have a few discussions every month,so it is really very easy.And if you are chosen to participate in focus groups you will get payed more.You won't make a lot of money but its something to do and is fun.
I only join sites that pay you cash because a lot of the ones that pay in points cheat you because you only make 500 points or less but it takes 5000 points or more to cash out! What a rip off!

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