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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Parents Are the Examples

Children are reflections of their parents. So if  we want our children to talk politely and have good manners then we should improve our behavior. How we talk to our children is how they will talk to us and others. The way we treat our children is how they will treat us. If we are kind and considerate and of them and their feelings then they will be kind and considerate to us and other people. If we don't want our children to call each other names then we as parents shouldn't call them names. If we want our children to talk nicely to us and other people then we as parents should always say good thing about them and don't say hurtful thing to them.
  So parents if your child is acting out,you should look at why they are acting out. If your child is not listening to you think about how often  do you listen when your children are talking to you. Do you give them your full attention when they speak to you? When they ask you for something do you wait until you are finished doing what you are doing, before you attend to their needs?
 The way we respond to our children is how they will respond to us. So parents be mindful of your actions around your children because their little eyes are always watching every action you make!

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