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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Royal Privilege Vacuum Cleaner Review

I brought this  Royal Privilege Upright Vacuum Cleaner two years ago because at the time, I needed a new vacuum because my old one was broken. I brought it from, Banks Vacuum Super Stores in MI. I paid $275 plus tax. It came with a free car vacuum, and a 5 year warranty. Which included service on parts and labor.
 This is a very good vacuum. It can cleans the smallest dirt off your floor! Its made very sturdy. It is very easy to push and is much quieter than my old one. It comes with attachments that can be use to clean the carpet on the stairs or you could even clean your car with it.
    The only problem I had with this vacuum is that the hose  broke twice.  But since it has a 5 year warranty I got it fixed both times for free. This is a very good vacuum I would recommend it to anyone!

Royal Privilege Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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