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Friday, October 12, 2012

5 Fun and Easy Crafts for Kids and Kids at Heart

Firstly I wanted to thank Aileen Lopez for writing this wonderful and inspiring guest post. I just wanted to let her know that I really appreciate her writing this article. Visit her here: for more wonderful information.

Crafts are a past time most kids and adults love to pursue. Finding the right fun and easy crafts for kids and kids at heart isn't difficult. There are many crafts from which to choose. Select one that doesn't require too many materials to work with and retains interest for long periods of time. Here are five fun and easy crafts for kids and kids at heart:

. Scrapbooks
. Soap carving
. Decals
. Jewelry
. Window sill herb gardening

Scrapbooks Are Fun And Easy
The only real requirements to create wonderful scrapbooks are imagination, a few blank scrapbooks, scissors and paste. Allow kids to pick a single theme for the contents of their scrapbook. For example, recycle holiday and birthday cards to cut and paste into a scrapbook that tells a story. For kids at heart, look for antique photos or old advertisements to create a Victorian scrapbook. Scrapbooks can be comprised of special events souvenirs or favorite celebrities.

Soap Carving
For would be sculptures, soap carving is an old art that kept restless kids and kids at heart from growing bored. Choose a rectangular-shaped bar of soap. Paraffin wax bars can also be used for small sculptures. Soap carving doesn't require a sharp knife. This is one reason it's safe for kids to work with. A simple plastic knife with a dull blade can create shapes. Try to make the sculpting session as professional as possible. Use a template for kids to follow or let their imaginations flow freely and create their own personal sculpture.

Decals As A Craft
Decals are a fun craft. Kids love to attach decals to their books, book covers, t-shirts and jeans. Allow kids to choose their favorite decals and arrange them as they choose on a blank white t-shirt. Decals don't have to be ironed onto the surface of the item chosen. Another favorite hobby with decals is to collect them from old shirts, books and swap them with their friends.

Jewelry Crafts
Jewelry crafts don't have to be all about beading. Seek out garage sales for old pieces of jewelry that can be given new life. Broken jewelry is also good for creating newer jewelry designs. For kids, choose large beads to make bracelets, necklaces and rope pendants.

Window Sill Herb Gardening - A Healthful Green Craft
One way to keep kids interest in a craft is to choose herb gardening that can be stored on a window sill. This is a craft that can also be educational for kids. Use small clay pots large enough to fit on a window sill. Fill with potting soil and allow the kids to choose their favorite herbs.

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  1. We used to do the scrap booking and jewelry. Fun times.