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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Crafts At Home

First I want thank Aileen Lopez for writing this article.
Crafts At Home
Are you looking for a craft to do with your children on a rainy day or for a holiday? There are fun things that you can make with items that you probably have sitting in a drawer or cabinet.

•    Lambs: One of the crafts that you can make for Easter is a lamb. This craft can be made in a few different ways. Use a piece of white construction paper, and trace your child’s hand on it. Glue the print onto a piece of black paper. Stretch a few cotton balls so that they are flat instead of in a circle. Glue the cotton onto the hand print until you reach the thumb. Make an eye on the thumb with a marker. Another way that you can make a lamb is by using lint from your dryer. Collect the lint after you dry clothes, preferably white clothes, and keep it in a bag. Use this lint in the same way as the cotton balls.
•    Eggs: You don’t have to spend money in egg dying kits if you have food coloring in your home. Boil your eggs, and place them in cups that are filled halfway with water. The back of the food coloring box will tell you how many drops you need to add to the water to make the color you want. You can make several different colors that you probably would not get from the kits you buy in a store.

•    Ornaments: If you have applesauce and cinnamon, you can make ornaments to hang on your tree that smell wonderful. Mix about half of a large jar of applesauce with half a cup of white glue. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the mixture. Pour the mixture on a baking pan. Let it sit at room temperature until it is almost hard. Use a cookie cutter in Christmas shapes to cut through the mix. Wait until the ornaments are dry before hanging them on your tree.

•    Hearts: Hearts can be made of any kind of paper that you have. Cut a few hearts in different sizes and string them together with fishing line. Hang the string of hearts over your windows or on a mantel.

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