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Thursday, January 3, 2013


I love the colors and the versatility of these sticks. I absolutely love the fact that you can get many different colors with one stick and different textures ,flat color and shimmer, all in one. I also like the fact that you have control over the type of color you end up with on your lips.
  There are many possibilities when it comes to this lipstick. That is one of the most things I am enjoying about this lipstick. Depending on how you choose to wear it...light shade only, darker shade only, darker shade w/lighter on top, I can create lots of different looks by blending and layering. This is so neat.
The color that I tried was, 855 Minx - chocolate brown and a dark gold. While Covergirl BLASTFLIPSTICK is fun to use, I couldn’t see myself paying 7.98 for this lipstick unless I had a coupon.

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