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Friday, April 8, 2011

Super Stars

I got this new book which I thought was super cool! It teaches children to have good self esteem.Which is very important, because it will help our children to become will rounded adults. This book: It's Okay to Be Different along with this craft would make a good lesson for children of any age.You can hang it in their wall in their room and read it to your child every so often and make new stars as the learn new things.

In this activities your child will learn about their positive characteristics.
You will need:

one sheet of yellow paper for each child
hole punch
star pattern
paper clip

1. Make a star shape and let the child cut out the star.
2. Discuss how we all have characteristics that makes us special.It may be something they enjoy or something about their bodies.Let your child share what they think to be their special characteristics.
4. The children can either draw their picture or put a picture in the middle of the star,then ask the to tell you what they think are their special characteristics, for the children to write or you to write in the points of the star.
5. Tape ribbon on the star an hang it from the ceiling.
For more crafts like this one buy this book: Ready-to-use Self-esteem activities for young children by Jean Feldman
My daughter drew her own picture.


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  2. That's really sweet. My girls would love to do this.