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Monday, May 2, 2011

Finding Hapiness in small things.

Children have a wonderful quality of, finding happiness in small things. We lose this quality as we become adults. For example, if you give a child a box he or she will be entertained for hours.Have you ever brought your child a gift in a big box and she played with the box more than the toy? It only takes such sample thing to make a child happy. Some times we as parents think that we need to buy our children lots of material things when acturaly children would be happly if we just spent time with them. So parents for this holiday, instead of buying name brand clothes or toys that cost 50 to 100 each invest that same money in a experience that will make your child grow. Take a trip to another city and learn about other people.Teach them about new things and other cultures.There is a great big world out there to explore and we all have to live in it togather.

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