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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dentyne Split2Fit Gum Review

I love the design of this product! The size of the gum package is thin enough to put in the pocket of those tight jeans! This gum has a very strong and nice flavor! This gum will kill bad breath fast! My favorite gum was the peppermint flavor.
Here is a funny story I want to share with you about the gum. Last weekend I was at my in-laws house and I shared the gum with everyone. I gave some gum to my husband's aunt and she put it in her pocket. Well later on when she was about to leave she thought that she had lost the gum because she didn't feel it in her pocket and she thought someone had stole her gum lol. So that shows you how easy  and comfortable it is  to carry this gum.  The only thing I don't like about this product is that it has glycerin in it and the company don't know what the glycerin is made from. Some times  glycerin is derived from meat products, and this is a problem for people who are Vegan and Muslim.
Overall I give Dentyne Split to Fit Packs a 4 star rating. The design is worthy of conversation and overall the gum had a good flavor while freshening breath and teeth.

I received this product free from All opinion are my own.

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