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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Use Charmin® Freshmates for a Cleaner Bottom

Hi, everyone I have a question for you. Would you bathe with just a dry towel alone and expect to get clean? Think about it, if you had mustard on the wall, could the stain  be removed with tissue alone.

   Introducing, Charmin® Freshmates® which are made with just the right amount of moisture so when used with dry toilet paper, the flushable wet wipes give a cleaner clean than dry bath tissue alone. Because you wouldn't bathe with just a dry towel and expect to get clean. These flushable wet wipes are perfect for the whole family, or anyone else you know with a bottom.
  • Flushable
  • Septic Safe
  • Free of drying alcohols
  • Use following your favorite Charmin toilet paper 
I received a free box of  Charmin® Freshmates from Vocopoint to write a review on. I tried the product and I loved it! I use water to clean myself when I use the bathroom. So these are great for when I am out and I don't have water. These wipes have just the right amount of moisture in them to get you clean. Also it don't take many wipes to get the job done. My children love these as well.

Do you hide your Freshmates or show 'em off?  Upload a photo of where you keep (or would keep) Charmin® Freshmates® in your bathroom and you'll be entered in the Freshmates DIY Bathroom Makeover Sweeps!*
$5,000 VISA gift card towards a home bathroom makeover & a $1,000 VISA gift card towards a consultation with an interior designer*
Free 40-Count Tub of Charmin® Freshmates®*
What do you think about this product, and have you tried it before.

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